if you had fun,
you won!

A collection of beautiful errors celebrating failures and how they push us forward in a time and day where we are meant to showcase a picture perfect life. Take a risk or two, make your younger self proud.

        Can you paint?  Can you sing or dance ? If you were to walk into a pre-school class most of the kids in the classroom would raise their hands and jump up and down, but if you were to walk into the same group of kids ten years later you might get a couple doubtful half-raised hands. Why is it that as we get older, we grow increasingly scared of failure and rejection and we feel less creative?
        As kids we don’t really think of failure or consequences, as a result we are at our most fearless. Our younger selves would be disappointed in knowing we are often too scared to take risks. We think of how epically we could screw up and in return we’ve ended up with countless boring pop songs, boring buildings, boring clothes, etc. We’ve all been there; we’ve tried and we’ve failed over and over and over. We have been conditioned to think🧠 failure will lead us to an endless void🕳 of even more failure.  We should start looking at these inevitable parts of life with different eyes, and get inspired by errors rather than regretting them. Whilst having the courage to risk complete humiliation; children hold your mistakes up in the hopes of eventually creating a marvellous anomaly. 

01    Trivial Times Where Negatives Roll

    Film cameras often come with a sense of anxiety, you only get so many shots before you run out  of film. You better make them count! But what kind of risks would you take if you had unlimited frames? Would it affect the way you live your life? Perhaps you’d be a bit more careless, with a kid-like sense of awe and maybe even augment your curiosity. Replicating a film roll, that’s been through some rough times, a bit bent, a bit deformed, nonthelessbeautiful. Capturing comic trivial moments. In these times where an obscene amount of importance is placed on perfection particularly in social media where we must live a picture perfect life I’d rather shift the focus onto something much more interesting: raw day to day life. Place importance on real, on rawness, sometimes tragic, sometimes trivial, sometimes awkward, sometimes humorous, often magical, always wonderous.  


02    Chasing Illusions

 As carefree as a five-year-old kid with their sweater put on backwards and twisted, flying and chasing paper planes, crashing them, folding new ones and crashing them again over and over. A kid with not a care in the world. Living his life the way we should approach our wildest illusion-like dreams, chasing them and trying over and over until you finally catch the plane before it crashes.


03    Children Hold Your Mistakes Up

Scribbles are not something we’d typically be proud of by any means. Doodles, scribbles and rough sketches, are usually something to be discarded however it is process, it is how we get to the good stuff, finished illustrations, fine art, buildings, etc.  Why is it that we can’t think of mistakes as process? A means of getting to were we need to go. Children Hold Your Mistakes Up acknowledges the importance of process, the importance of making mistakes and failing, and most importantly having fun.


04    Mad Sounds of Apology

A progression between the chaos of an OCD mind and reaching a point of serenety, calm and apology. Something everyone can relate with. Not being able to forgive oneself for mistakes, for failing, for erring. Blue hydrangeas are a symbol of apology. Exploding out of the body with a bluetooth speaker built for the dress Mad Sounds of Apology is in collaboration with Zubin Isaac, sound designer. Creating mad sounds that transition into apology. A fully embroidered dress with petals bouncing in the air.


05    Stomach Knots

A look evoking a the anxious feeling we get in the pit of our stomach when we feel like we’ve failed. Stomach knots though are not only for those who fail but for those with dreams so big it makes this odd feeling  much like stomach knots.